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Teenager Nail Designs

As the part of fashion style, nail art which becomes so popular among teenager today also can be regarded as the fashion statement and self-identity of the teenagers based on the nail art design they choose. The earlier civilization such as Chinese, India and Egypt are the former pioneer of this art. They started the nail art using simple substances from the nature and using very simple technology as what they could get at that time. The early purpose of having nail art is to determine the class in the society for the ancient people.

Cute Nail Art Designs for Teenagers

Teenager Nail Designs come with varieties inspired by unique things in the surrounding. It also shows what community they involve. Movies character, cartoon figure, things of nature, shapes and colors can be the inspiration of the nail art designs even the famous brands of fashion items can be applied for them who the fanatic lovers of certain brands. The unique and cute nail art designs usually liked by teenagers because they can show off the nail to their friends each other.

The nail art design development influenced by the artist creativity in finding the newer and newer innovation includes the method to draw the nail on your own. Even there are some websites about nail art which provide tutorials to do the nail art with many ideas and designs. As the self-identity statements, some teenagers tend to apply the design as what reflect them most or if they like certain thing, they will put that as the nail art design.

Flower Nail Designs

Flower Nail Designs has turn often field of word due to its individuation and rested styles. If you reckon that the techniques of creating the bloom clutch designs must be complicated and hornlike to do by yourself, then, you should see it by yourself and see how you cerebrate most it. Wish me; you faculty be shocked with what you see and shortly feat solon interested on it.

Flower Nail Art Designs 2017 - Spring Nail Art Designs

So, how is just the model of the flush hit designs 2013? Substantially, rank of all, you testament poorness to person pen blast which is rattling light to learn. Since there are dots on the designs, you give use the pen peg to introduce them. Incoming, you present poverty to do what so titled pointy heyday boom. How is it? Low, you pauperism to create humble surface before work your nails. You may use colorless or blueish.

Nail art becomes popular nowadays besides as the part of fashion style also becomes the part of decoration art. Many variations come with style, color, theme and character based on the artist's creativity. Nail art is kind of drawing art with different medium in which usually the artist using canvas or paper, the medium uses nail. This art is very considered by teenagers as the style statements beside as the distribution of hobby or talent.

Since the theme's inspiration can come from our surrounding such as games, movies, nature and characters, Dark Black Nails become so popular after the increasing popularity of gothic style. Some vampire-story movies also take part in popularizing this color's selection so that many nail artists develop this as their specialty. This style can reflect the strength and be able to show the certain impression of people who apply this style. Scary and darkness is the most impression which can be easily got by people who take this color choice to the nail art. Nevertheless, become biggest selection for emo-lovers or gothic lovers, dark black style can be modified to be more creative and interesting so that it doesn't be monotonous colors.

Dark Black Nails

Since black is one of neutral colors besides white, it can be combined by other colors and even it can be the color base which can be added some decoration and ornaments after that. In decorating the nail with this color base, it depends on the creativity of the artist and the black color won't seem scary anymore but can be something cute and beautiful.

Dark Black Nail Art Designs 2017
New technique of coloring nails

Coloring nails with Water Marble Nails is now becoming popular. There are many reasons why women love this model. However, the most important is that this model gives more beauty for their nails and thus, they become more attractive. Basically, the idea of this color is putting more color for your nails.

However, this water marble makes more alive and as it is wet. The color is more wonderful because it is made by dropping the color on water then applied it on the nails. With this water marble technique, the colors created are more beautiful. This method can make any motifs which are unique and cute. Flowers, love shape, volkadote, lines, and many others can be applied for this decoration.

Water marble is considered as the simple way of decorating nails because it is only needed to be put on the nails. With various models and designs of the nails, women only need little time to decorate their nails. Water marble design also enables women to choose various models available for their nails.

Water Marble Nails

Water Marble Nail Art Designs 2017
Furthermore, water marble is easily applied many colors which will make your performance wonderful. The combination of various colors will make your performance better because it shows the beauty and happiness. With water marble techniques, you do not need to plant more color on your nails which of course can damage your nails. Thus, it is considered as the safest way of coloring nails. In addition, you do not need to difficult process to clean up the color.

Color Nails for Glamour Dress

The innovation of beautifying nails will never end up. Today, various models and designs which are available enable people to choose the best one. Furthermore, different models enable them to adjust with the costume. A party, for example, is more glamour with elegant and luxurious gown. It is no wonder that the accessories as well as the make up are glamour. The story also goes with the nails. Thus, to get more perfect performance, Nails Sinaloa Style can be applied.

Color Nails for Glamour Dress Nail Art Designs 2017
Basically, the idea of this style is by putting more applications resembling jewels on the nails colors. Another choice is putting some more combination of sparkling materials which can reflect colors and light. The style can be applied by coloring the nails in wonderful models like other models of coloring nails. To make the nails wonderful, the color can be made various pictures such as flowers, lines, love shapes, volkadote, or anime. Then, to get more glamour sense, putting some materials resembling jewels above it. The jewels are arranged and follow the basic decoration. Finally, it will be wonderful and glamour. Another choice is putting the light materials poured above the coloring nails.

Nails Sinaloa Style

Nails Sinaloa Style - Nail Art Designs 2017
The decoration above is actually able to coming in various colors which are contrast. Thus, colorful nails can be applied. However, this type employs more decorations which are sparkling. You can also put more unique decoration such as leather coming with colorful models. Another solution is that putting these leather in more colors which are suitable with your dress.

Create Colorful Nails

Today people love to combine any color in one medium. In fact, this combination of many colors creates wonderful design. Such a phenomenon also occurs in coloring nails with many colors, in which historically, people only put one colors or two, which is inline each other. Colorful Nail Design becomes wonderful because it is made with high models and designs which make your performance wonderful. Furthermore, colorful nail actually make its users look charming, happy, and fresh.

Colorful Nails Art Designs 2017
The idea of colorful nails is actually paying more attention on the combination of many colors in nails. These colors can be highly different but are wonderful. With good models, for example, you can color your nails with yellow, green, red, blue, orange, and pink which create a shape of volcadote or lines. Another choice is that you can only put different color in different nails. This is applicable if you only put color in the tip of the nails while the rest of the nails are in opaque colors. Some more design can also be applied in which you put the basic of the nails with a color and then combined with other colors in the form of spot.

Colorful Nail Design

Colorful nails will be more attractive and cute if they are drawn with some creatures resembling cats, dolls, or cartoons. Such a consideration is of course wonderful because it makes your performance tells an interesting story. This is more applicable if the costume worn is casual and funky like a t-shirt with cat shoes.

Elegant Nails with Golden Colors

A beautiful performance will be perfect if they are all wonderful. It is no wonder that a lot of women beautify their nails by coloring them to get more perfect performance. Furthermore, this will make your performance more wonderful since it gives you more color on the nails. One of the best choices of coloring nails is Golden Nails Design.

Golden Nails Art Designs 2017
Basically, this idea of color emphasizes on the color of gold or brown. This color is perfect since it is suitable for any color of your dress. However, choosing the appropriate color for golden nails is very important because you must match it with your skin color, unless, your performance will be messy. A bit dark skin, for example, is suitable with a bit light golden. It is not too light as well as dark. Such a consideration will make your performance better. Meanwhile, a fairy skin is suitable with light and strong golden with some light color effect since it will make the skin brighter.

Golden Nails Design

Golden nails are not only in simple models. They vary from the color alone, as well as modified with other motifs such as starts, love shape, flowers, zebra lines, and many more. Furthermore, it is also wonderful being combined with other colors such as black, white, yellows, etc. Another choice of design is creating flowers on your nails with golden color while the basic of the nails is in opaque color. Such a model will make as if the nails are painted in wonderful pictures.

Attractive Nails with Pink

Beautifying nails with colors will always make your nails wonderful and beautiful. Various models of nail colors are available to make your performance perfect. One of these wonderful models is Pink Nail Design. This design emphasizes on the color o pink. With strong effect of pink, it is believed that the nails will look beautiful and increase your performance.

Various models of pink nail are now available. They vary from soft pink, pitch, and the combination of some colors. Furthermore, the designs are not merely coming in simple color coming alone. In fact, some designs which add motifs and color are now available. Drawing the nails with some flowers with contrast colors such as blue, violet, or white above the nail colors is wonderful.

Pink Nails Art Designs 2017
Another choice of motif is love shape. It is wonderful in the combination black and pink. With cute shape and nail color will make your nails more attractive. If you think that your dress have been too colorful, then you can choose opaque color which is combined with some motifs such as stars or dew in pink. Such a design will also wonderful and perfect. Pink nail color can also be applied on foot nails. However, with little differences since they are smaller than hand nails.

Pink Nail Design

Over all, the best design of coloring nail will only bear if it is supported with the best treatment. Thus, before coloring the nails, people also need to do the treatment such as manicure and pedicure. Thus, the nails will be absolutely wonderful.

French Nail Design, Perfect for Any Occasion

Who doesn't like French nail arts? This nail art style has never met an end since it hit fashion world in the beginning of 21st century. With its trademark two layers, French nail arts never fail to bring people to perfection in any occasions. Be it celebrity, businesswomen, even high school students love French nail arts.

French Nail - Nail Art Designs 2017
They find it's easy to be applied, adventurous to be explored and beautiful to stay longer on your nails. Experience this kind of addiction right away. If you want to have more challenge, try this following amazing French nail design. Perfectly fit your soul and your special moments.

Are you bored with typical white and clean top layer? Then try to modify it. To enhance your night out appearance, glittery top is the best. Leave the bottom layer clean if you are afraid it will be too excessive. But if you don't mind getting a more gorgeous look, shocking color for bottom layer will bring you into it. There is always an excuse for every problem. If your nails are dazzling enough, you can put simple and chic dress with few accessories on you. If you choose plain French nail design, on other hand, you can explore more with your dress.

French Nail Design

There is always a complete beautiful world with French nail design. Optimizing top and bottom color, you can have a full fantasy on your nails. With precise scale, you can try more colorful design for your nails. Have you ever heard an idea to make a starry night on your nails? You can polish dark color for background on bottom layer, paint a green hill on the background, and finish it with stars on top layer. French nail arts surely bring timeless fantasy.
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