Healthy nails becoming an important topic for housewife who has very busy schedule with jobs, business... or any affairs.

Mrs. Bopha , who lives in my neighborhood last week she is not happy because of her nails have broken by accident while she washing dishes before she join friends party. In fact, we really can not foresee what will happen when we 're doing something. And we cannot prevent them from happened. But what we can do is make our nails more healthy, and the healthy nails are not easy to broke for some reason.

In this article i will show you some easy tips that you can implement to make your nails more healthy as following:


Most of ladies always use creams to clean their hands. In this case i would like to recommend to use the special nail creams that have ability to clean hand and strengthen nails.

Nail Hardener

Nails hardener is really useful to make your nails more healthy. By using nail hardener you need sometimes to get the good result.


As the housewife you will need glove to prevent some accident for your nail. So you should wear gloves everytimes you clean your house, washing dishes, or washing your clothes....

Trimming You Nail

There is no reason to keep your nail very long. Long nail is very hard to keep and it very easy to broken. So trimming your nail regularly is very important to keep make the healthy nails.