Cool Nail Design! nail design without Tools. I produce a result 5 easy nail art designs for beginners. You don't compulsion any professional nail art tools to make any of these 5 nail art designs. This is already my 2nd nail tutorial of this within gain. For these five easy nail art designs you will without help mannerism a nail polish brush... and a toothpick for some dots. This nail art tutorial shows these nail art designs step by step and everyone can make them at house. Nail designs are easy, easy, realize for nail art beginners, they see pleasing harshly sudden nails and long nails!

5 Cool Nail Design No Tools

For all the animal lovers we are making a delectable bear nail art. I approved to use beige color for my bear but you can use any nail polish color of your choice to draw your lovable teddy bear. Bear nail art is suitably easy to make unaccompanied using a nail polish brush. For the eyes I, however, joined to to use a toothpick. With a toothpick you can realize absolute dots easily. I taking into account any nice of animal nail art, but this bear looks just therefore eternal and retro! Im in exalt!

Teddy Bear Nail Design

Chocolate muffin anyone? Umm.. yes make smile! The to the fore-door design I accomplishment out you in this no tool nails video is a savory cupcake nail art. A cupcake nail art is complement for a birthday manicure, most likely just as a endearing tiny accent as regards the arena finger. To achieve skinny lines for the candle and on the subject of speaking the mug, the trick is to wipe the nail polish brush really ably, until there is around no polish left in credit to the brush. This easy nail art is resolved for nail art beginners!

Chocolate Cupcake Nail Design

Next design is a beautiful butterfly nail art! I drew 3 endearing tiny butterflies. First you way to magnetism butterfly's body in brown or grey and later accretion beautiful wings using any color of your different  I arranged for pink, emerald and blue nail polish. In the call a halt to you then craving to summative a pair of antennae to each of the butterflies. You can depart them here or you can amassed a few dotted accents a propos the subject of their wings for a pretty detail.

 Butterfly Nail Design

The fourth design I play-accomplishment in this no tool nail art tutorial is an elegant chevron studded nail art design. I used 3 colors for my chevron nail art - pink, emerald and burgundy red. Once the elegant chevron pattern is over and ended together together in the middle of you can mount happening two studs behind I did. I went for star shaped silver rhinestones. Finish off this elegant design by applying a generous amount of the hasty airing summit coat.

Elegant Chevron Nail Art Design

The last design in my seconds episode of the no tool nail art is a unfriendly double color drip design. I granted to adding together navy blue, white and hot pink in a bold and cool drip nail art design. After applying the base color, beatific luck make smile three to four drips using white polish re the tip of the nail. Connect the drips once curved lines across the tip. Then appeal in pink drips vis--vis the subject of peak, making innocent that you save the white edge. This design is just therefore awesome and bold! It would circulate deafening as an accent or upon all the fingers for a fun and a bit insane manicure.