Today i will show you the tutorial of 5 unique nail art designs that i have done using only a nail polish brush.Nail art excercise with 5 nail art designs and no nail art tools! Paint your nails in 5 remarkable nail designs utilizing just a nail polish brush. In this no tools nails excercise we'll nail treatment our nails with 5 simple, however charming nail art designs. We will paint our nails with 5 regulated nail art designs or thoughts suitable for both, short and long nails and we will not be utilizing any nail art tools. This nail excercise is accordingly truly simple and basic, suitable for novices, yet nail designs looks truly cool, magnificent, lovable and novel. The accompanying nail art designs will be painted on short nails orderly: Ninja Turtle nail art, Cute Flower Nails, Adorable blow ups Nails, Pretty penguin nails and startling phantom nail art.These Nail designs can be manicured home and are truly chic and simply ideal for all nail art, DIY and magnificence devotees. 

To start with nail art is epic ninja turtle! Draw a level stripe with darker shading and utilization lighter shading on top for the 3d impact. When you have your eyes camouflage manicured take a white and dark nail polish and dab eyes on top. Bear in mind to wipe the brush truly well so you don't destroy your nail outline.

Second nail excercise is adorable blossom nails plan. Draw three petals with a wide side of the nail brush in the corner of your nail and afterward take an alternate differentiating shading, turn the brush for 90 degrees and paint three shorter and littler stripes on top. At long last make an adjusted shape in the corner of your nail. This nail art configuration has design composed on top of it!

Third DIY nail art configuration is cute penguin. Paint your nails with dark and take a white polish and draw a vertical stripe on top for penguins paunch. Next step is to draw a bill with yellow, while the last step is to paint a couple of eyes and your enthusiastic penguin nails are carried out!

Fourth plan is basically the best nail art outline I have painted. Apply a thick cover of polish keeping in mind it is still wet, spot a few spots everywhere throughout the nail. At last add a white highlight to make your nail art significantly more sensible. This cartoonish nail art configuration is truly extraordinary and one of a kind as a result of the cool wet polish strategy.

Last no device nail art excercise is spooky phantom nails. Nail treatment your nails in dark and after that draw phantom's shape with a white nail polish on top. At last, draw adjusted eyes and mouth to make your phantom much scarier. Apply a quick drying top layer on the majority of your nail art designs for the sparkle and to unite your designs.

Presently you know how to make these simple, basic, in any case charming nail designs at home. You can utilize them for blend and match nail trim or paint all your nails with only one. Fill me in as to whether you might want to see more comparable regulated, simple nail excercises, designs and thoughts later on.