Chanel Logo Quilted Tufted Matte Nail Art Tutorial Super Easy | Beautybyjosiek

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Chanel Logo Quilted Tufted Matte Nail Art Tutorial Super Easy | Beautybyjosiek


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Hey guys so today I'm going to teach you how to do the very trendy tufted or quilted nail art design it look a lot harder than it really is and you can do it using a simple matte nail polish and a credit card or toothpick. please if you like my quilted nails let me know and share this video.

i was inspired to try this tufted look by looking up popular designs on pinterest but the first video i watched about this technique is by the awesome kelli marissa here on youtube
i decided to try and do the Chanel design free hand and it turned out better than expected !!!! :)

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a big huge thanks to Gabrielle Marie for the green screen overlays please pay her channel a visit she is amazing !!! :)

music is from nocopyrightsounds check them out here:

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Published 3 months ago

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