Coco Mandalamoiselle 1 - 3D Quilted Chanel Nails

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Coco Mandalamoiselle 1 - 3D Quilted Chanel Nails


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Coco Mandalamoiselle Mani - Part 1
The first of 3 - count them! - yes, 3 videos which will be released over the coming days, so don't forget to subscribe for notification, to see how the rest of the mani was done!

In this part, we're doing the super-cute 3D quilted nails, inspired by the Classic Chanel Handbags.

The inspiration for the mandala nails came from two of my favourite instagrammers; @helennails_yeg and UK nail artist Annie Sarah Collins - I just can't get enough of their flawless freehanding! Check them out on instagram:

This mani was created using the following Gel Bottle Inc Products:

Builder in a bottle 18 (glitter tip nail bed & quilted Chanel pinkie)
073 (single coat for French nails, 3 coats under mandala design)
Super shine topcoat
Rubber topcoat (for glitter encapsulation, or you could use clear builder)
You can hit the bottle here:

I used Magpie Beauty glitter "Angel" for the glitter nails and cannot recommend it highly enough - all the sparkle of Crystal Pixie, at a fraction of the cost! Get yours here:

Pearls and Caviar were from a gift set I was given, you can get them from your local wholesaler / beauty supplies store.

And finally, I used Madam Glam Perfect White gel polish, for the freehand mandala detail. Get your Glam on here:

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Published 3 months ago

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