Quick Nail Art Designs For Beginners

With the fast paced lifestyle so prevalent these days, more and more women want to look beautiful while spending least time on their make up or manicure.Such a situation demands quick fixes which can be used instantly and without any effort for enhancing one’s beauty. And after all which woman doesn’t love painting her nails? A stick on nail polish may serve this instant beautification purpose and hence is quite popular among both young girls and women. It can be worn just like a real nail polish but with greater ease.

A very widely used fashion accessory, the stick on nail polish is commercially available in the form of nail polish strips which can be peeled and easily stuck on to the nails. So even if you don’t feel creative enough to try on the more sophisticated types of nail art forms, you may always use the stick on nail polish and still look trendy as ever. The nail polish strips take a minimum drying time and once applied can last for at least 10 days. With a lot of cool designs and patterns to choose from, you may buy one from the cosmetic store and apply them at your home. All strips come with instructions which one should be sure to read carefully in order to get the best possible results.

Even though the stick on nail polish is easy to apply, there are certain tips and tricks that one has to keep in mind for getting that perfection and finesse while applying them. The article throws some light on the common dos and don’ts s involved while using a nail polish strip.


Ensure that your nails are dry and wiped clean prior to applying the strips. Before application, apply a few swipes of nail polish remover. This helps to remove any oily residues from the nail surface and also helps the strip stick firmly onto the nail. Also remove the excess skin from the cuticles.

Trim down the strip to the size of your nail using scissors. Always peel the strip first before placing it onto your nail. Now smooth it down against the nail from the bottom to the tip using your thumb. It is often advised to rub the strip between your fingers before applying. This heats the strip and enables it to stick more firmly to the nail.

Use a file to remove or tear away the excess strip that remains after applying rather than just tearing it away. This lends more finesse.


Expose your hands to water, heat or pressure immediately after applying the strips. Do use a pair of gloves while doing the dishes and other house hold chores.

Let the strips jut out from your nail and touch your skin or cuticles.

Strap down the whole strip onto your nail at once. This may form bubbles.

Apply a base coat or hand lotion prior to application. They prevent the polish strip from adhering to the nail.

What Are Finger Nail Stickers?

These stickers are little pieces of adhesives that have pictures on them are stuck to finger nails and toe nails.This was considered to be the trademark of a French Manicure.The other nail sticker is in the shape of a half moon which is stuck to the top of the nail and nail polish is applied over it to give the nail a length and a manicured look.Finger Nail Stickers can be just plain transparent ones or ones that have art work on them. These Finger Nail Stickers are available in different art designs and color as well as also in 3D.

The art work of finger nail stickers is a profession by itself. The designing and the color combinations as well as the different types of Finger Nail Stickers for different types of occasions make it a very interesting line to pursue.One can find finger nail stickers for all kinds of occasions! It could for adult parties, teenage parties, for morning public appearances, for afternoon public appearances, it could also be for evening and night public appearances. The range of Finger Nail Stickers is a tribute to the unbridled, unharnassed imagination of human minds!

A person looking for Finger Nail Stickers will never have a problem finding them, the only problem will be to select from a vast range of Finger Nail Stickers. Initially it was difficult to create finger nail stickers because the nail part on the finger of every person is different. The first type of finger nail sticker was available in America as a whole moulded nail with a manicure. Then as things advanced the finger nail stickers could be made of plastic also. From plastic nail stickers it graduated to a more advanced stage of being completely pre ďż˝ polished in various different colors.

All a lady had to do was wear her dress, wear her heels and wear her finger nail stickers for a formal or an informal lunch or dinner and come back home take them out and put it in a box.Using Finger Nail Stickers makes it cost effective also as one does not have to spend money on manicures in salons which are expensive.

Popularity Trend The trend of finger nail stickers set in when American women and British women realized that for all the household chores they had to do keeping short nails was the best and yet, a woman�s vanity will forever be constant. While going out formally or informally for socializing or for professional purposes well manicured nails was a sign of a lady and good breeding.

It was then that women would shop for finger nail stickers for the look of a well manicured pair of hands for as long as it was required. There after they could return home take off their shoes,take off their make up and take off their finger nail stickers and get back to household chores without worrying about broken or brittle finger nail ends.Even in the social pecking order a woman with well manicured nails was more of a lady than a woman whose finger nails were cut short neatly and filed well.It the mental block of men and women through the ages, that a woman with long finger nails means she has not done household labour or labour of any kind which means that she was a lady of high society, but as times passed and new money came from hard work finger nail stickers save the day for women.

Give Your Nails A Feminine Touch With The Nail Art Bows

With the field of women’s beauty and fashion witnessing a tremendous change over the years, a wave of constant fashion and art trends have been trickling in.Many of these trends have been highly unorthodox, making them a beauty symbols linked directly to the modern woman. The focus in the field of fashion these days hence has shifted from just being ornamental to being creative too. The use of bling for enhancing the beauty of nails has led to the introduction of a plethora of nail art forms that can now be tried and tested by women. Bows in nail art have been one such glamorous design concept that has appealed to the fancy of many women worldwide and has become linked to the trendsetting form of fashion.

The bows in nail art have been included as a part of the basic manicure process nowadays by a lot of women who are looking to do something quite different with their nails.Bows can be used as very lovely fashion accessories for decorating the nails and there are a lot of different styles and patterns with which you can experiment around. You can either choose to have them painted in salons or if you feel creative enough, you may try making your own designs at home using a nail art kit that have become widely available in the market these days. The kits come in a variety of assorted colors.

All you need to do is to apply a top coat onto the nails and while the coat remains still tacky, you may apply the bows and give a finishing touch by applying a top coat on them so that the bows remain in place. If you are more of a lover of home based nail art, you may first research bout the various materials required for creating the bows nail art and get them separately from to the market. There are a lot of online videos or tutorials which can guide you step by step in the whole process of creating your own unique bow nail art.

You may either try out these designs on your own or can even get others help you around. For example you may use masking tape and nail polish to draw your own bows art form. You can make cut outs on the tape and paint r them with the nail polish after which the tape may be removed giving you pretty bow shapes on your nails.

All you require is a vivid streak of imagination to come up with the most quirky and wild nail bow art forms. The bows based on different deigns and materials such as glitters, gel, beads, crystals, rhinestones etc can be used to paint nails and create your personalized style statement. You may try something off beat or even spooky for New Year or Halloween or more art forms based on other themes and occasions too.

Magnetic Nail Technology

To learn about Magnetic Nails and study Magnetic nails it is possible to attend the Academies that exist today for Magnetic Nail Technology. The best so far is to be found in South Africa going by the name of Nail Tech.

Range of Magnetic Nail Technology

There is a wide range of categories under magnetic nail technology and a magnetic nail professional has to learn all to be a full fledged technician.

A technician of Magnetic Nail Technology has to learn to use gels, nail polishes, tips nail art, and also the lamps that are required for manicures and pedicures.

Some of the magnetic products that a Magnetic Nail Technician has to be familiar with are:

Magnetic Nail acrylic and liquid products.

Magnetic Nail Ultra Acrylic liquids and powders which help to shape the nails without the nails becoming yellow.

Flexible builder gels.

Magnetic Nail sculpting gel

Top Gel

Magnetic Nail camouflage and extender.

Magnetic Nail soak off gels

The fibre system that is an integral part of Magnetic Nail Technology.

The brush on activator which is used to harden nails quickly.

Fibre fix

Miracle Blender


Resin Gel

Extreme white gel

Magnetic Nail liquids that help to support nails, avoid nail breaking and brittle break.

All these products are sought after products, and there is a wide range of use for all this not just in the use of pedicures and manicures.

Some who wishes to learn the technology and gain the expertise in Magnetic Nail Technology will realize it�s full commercial value only after taking the courses.

The entertainment industry which not only comprises of motion pictures, but also the television and the internet gives a wide instant coverage to professionals of these mediums. The eyes automatically go to the face, the hands ,the figure, the hair and the over all appearance.It is therefore an important requirement for these professional to have proper nail care and Magnetic Nail Care being the latest and the fastest in time it�s importance has been recognized and is a technology that is regularly used by actors, actresses, commentators, anchors and all those professionals who rely on public appearances for success.

There are clauses for professional actors and actresses in their agreements where the movie companies insist on the use of Magnetic Nail Technology. Failing to use Magnetic Nail Technology results in a penalty being paid by the actors and actresses.An industry that spends millions of dollars in the production of on film puts a clause to use Magnetic Nail Technology in the contracts clear tells us the importance of Magnetic Nails in public appearances.

Make A Bold Style Statement By Using 3D Nail Designs

Fashion trends have undergone a complete revolution over the recent years with more advanced styles and methods being constantly introduced. And these trends have been applicable to nail fashion as well with the most innovative and off beat nail art forms and methods coming into existence.

What Are 3D Nail Designs?

3D nail designs are the most modern method of nail decoration or designing and are known to be one of the most innovative forms of creating nail art. Using this type of nail art, 3D designs and patterns can be drawn and used to decorate the nails. This form of nail art has recently gained popularity especially among young women.

The 3D nail designs are quite diverse and varied in nature and can be drawn in various shapes, sizes and patterns. The basic component used in the creation of these 3D nail designs is a type of sculpting powder which can be shaped in the desired form to create the required effect. These nail art designs, hence give a great scope to women for experimenting with myriads of designs and style ideas. Hence one becomes free to create one�s own form of art which may appeal the most to their respective fashion tastes. These designs are also available for artificial nails which are made of acrylic. The most common feature of such 3D nail art designs is the use of accessories or tiny jewellery on the nails which can give you a rather unconventional look.

How To Create 3D Nail Designs?

For those willing to take out the time to experiment, 3D nail art forms the perfect nail decorating method for them. You may try out the kitty designs, ribbons, flowers, bubbles, beads or even glitters for your nails. The options to choose from are practically unlimited. These days a lot of funky designs are also easily available on the internet which one may refer to or can even create a unique design of their own based on these nail art forms.

Online in depth tutorials on the 3D nail art designing too are available today for users of all skill levels that is, for both the beginners and the experts. Hence an amateur too can try his/her hand out at these designs with great ease. You can openly use your imagination to create designs and may even match the colors and shades with those of your clothes or other accessories.

A different form or theme of design may be selected depending on the occasion which you may be attending.The 3D nail art designs hence can be used to create your own style statement and can even help you set the trends for a new fashion. However it should always be ensured that you keep your nails safe and protected to avoid the nail designs from getting damaged. Gentle handling and proper grooming of the nails becomes necessary to make sure that these designs last for a long time.

Make Your Unique Style Statement With The Nail Art Pens

For those looking to decorate their nails the quick and easy way, nail art pens are the answer. With the ongoing trends of fashion becoming more artistic and bold, women today have started to enjoy the luxury of innovation when it comes to self styling and make up. The nail art pens are the new fashion tools which can certainly be used to complement the complete make up of a woman.

Transforming the way of nail care and beauty, the art pens appeal to the fashion tastes of a large number of women mainly due to their user friendly design and ease of use. The process of nail painting becomes all the more simpler and efficient when you use these pens and you don’t have to go through the hassles of using brushes or applicators which may be required with nail polishes or nail varnishes.

Method Of Using A Nail Art Pen

The nail art pens or their whole kits found in stores these days mainly comprise of a nib and an applicator brush. While the nib is used for intricate and creative artwork, the brush comes in handy for creating strokes and lines on the nails. The nail art pens may be available either singly or even in kits with a pen and multiple colors. A small cartridge present inside the pen contains the designing ink.

All one has to do is to shake the pen well before use a few times before using. Once you press the tip of the pen on a flat and hard surface the ink starts flowing from the tip. Now the pen can be used for drawing the desired designs or patterns on the nails. You may unleash your creativity and experiment around with different colored pens for painting your nails in the most bold and chic designs. You may also choose a different background color to complement a basic color on your nails. Trying out using nail art pens in the comfort of your home can be great fun and a little practice is all it takes for you to get those beautiful and funky nails.

Tips To Remember

One should never use the nail art pens on the bare nails and should always remember to apply a base coat first before using them. Also the design should be given proper time to dry up properly after which the top coat may be applied on to the nails. There are many nail art pens in the market nowadays that are quite environment friendly and have a completely water based formulation. This makes them safer to use as compared to the chemical based ones. The pens with the pointed tip are quite easy to control so that one may be able to draw one’s favorite designs with minimum effort. You can even easily clean the nail art using a normal nail polish remover in case you mess up with the art the first few times.

Few more tips and tricks on nail art designs

Purple nail designs are not only sweet, the color also gives tender and soothing effect to those who use it. Purple nail polish is very suitable to be used when you are attending formal events or special supper. You should be more creative with your purple nail, don’t just put complete purple color there. You can try to give degradation color for your purple nail color so your nail will look more special. Purple nail designs are limitless, so why do you set bondage for your creativity to explore with other purple nail designs?

You can also put different patterns on your purple nail and flower patterns can be one of cutest options. Flowers are identical with girls and you can put flower design on your purple nail designs. Actually, your purple nails will get along well with your purple dress. You can also match those things with your purple shoes.

Acrylic nail designs can be the most popular and common in nail extension field. It is cheaper, more practicable, easier and simpler than other nail extension methods. Acrylic is made by mixing the particular powder and liquid. And we need glue to stick it in our nails. So, when it is soaked off, we can just stick it again with nail glue. Acrylic nail designs are easy to use for those who want a fast and simple way of nail extension.

For the daily use, we can choose a simple design with no much ornament on the nails. The colors used in acrylic nail designs for daily-use are usually soft colors such as cream and pink. The ornaments used are commonly rhinestones and glitter but not much. Besides, the design is usually placed on the nail tips or using the symmetric pattern such as diagonal. The last thing should do is polishing the top coat as the finishing.

Colorful nail designs are the loveliest nail designs because when people are using one colored nail designs and you are using colorful nail designs, you will start to illuminate the whole room. Isn’t it boring to color your nail with one single color? You can be more creative by coloring your nails with different colors. You can create geometric designs with many different colors, but you can also create random designs using many different nail paints. There’s no restriction on creating your own nail design.

Colorful nail designs can also affect your day, if you tend to be moody, your colorful nail polish can make you happier. It is very fun to color many colors on your nail, but it is also fun to look down at your awesome nail art and see the colorful paints. Have you considered the color for your nails? Well, you can just grab all the colors and make it colorful.

Simple nail art designs can be achieved by using your own creativity and of course some references. For you who are out of references you can try to use the nail art magazine that can be found in your nearest shop. Beside the magazine about fashion that sometimes cover the nail art design section; it is also a great and wise decision to go to the nail art shop to encounter several nail art designs that can be used as an idea to make your own simple nail art designs.

Making your own simple nail art designs will give you experiences about the art of nail design. You can also use this chance as a means to develop your skills in the nail art designs. Simple nail art can be used in your daily life because it usually uses simple and common color that prove not too dominant. However, it can make your appearance much appealing and better if compared with the people who does not use nail art designs in their nail

UV gel nails is a new transformation in nail extension world. It is used the gel which will be ray using ultraviolet light to activate and bound the gel with the nails. It is stronger than other nail extension methods. It cannot easily be soaked and with the proper treatment, uv gel nails can stand for three and a half weeks. In the other hand, it looks more natural comparing with the acrylic one.

For the design, this kind of nail extension is like other methods. It can use any ornaments such as the gems, caviar, cotton, glitter, etc. You can make uv gel nails not only in the salon, but also at home; as long as you have all of the manicure tools for it including the UV light. And when your new nail grows, you only need to add the gel on it and add your extension without putting off the old extension.

French nail designs will very likely be used on formal occasions since his appearance is already very elegant. As one of the longest nail designs then there have been many innovations that French nail designs are no longer boring as before. You can get a lot of design choices and everything will be perfectly suited to your personality. But, of course, good results are starting from the nails which are well groomed and healthy. Try to combine the colors that you like.

There are many significant advances in the design of French nails until this year. Many innovations are developed further as French nail designs innovations that provide made with white ferns later in flats follow a certain pattern. There is also a type of French design uses airbrush techniques

Red nail designs are smoking hot. The red color will make you look like a hot, brave, and powerful lady. Red color is also known to be lucky colors from feng shui’s point of view, so there’s nothing wrong in it if you are using red color design because you are seeking for luck and gaining your charm. You can tantalize every guy you glance at with red nail designs you’ve got because red color will give you luck, and who knows, also love. But well, it comes back to your belief again, whether you will want to belief the feng shui or not, but red color is always known to be hot and spicy color that symbolize courage. If you are in a bad mood, you can try to get red nail designs to cheer up your day. With your friends around you, you can do each other’s red nail colors.

Glamour nails is a nail art which adds glamorous elements such as glitter, gemstone accent, and strong colors such as red and blue which will eventually bring up the glamorous style and identity of yours. One example of glamour nails manicure is Jasmine Manicure with Gemstones. This nail art features a 3D element of small gemstones, they are arranged beautifully on your nails above the strong blue color. The Jasmine Manicure with Gemstones is one recommended nail to fulfill your glamorous style.

The Red and Gold manicure is also a nice glamorous style nail art to fulfill your need of being glamorous. The Red and Gold manicure features a strong red color with a gold glitter spread over the red color. This manicure creates glamour nails in your beautiful fingers, and you will eventually get the strong and brave glamorous style to match with your taste of style. This glamorous color has a very strong impression and suitable for bright skin.

Japanese nail art design is quite popular in their own country and also in some country. The major feature used by this nail art design is its unique and complex style design used. Japanese nail art design are popular among the teenager because of the stylish and complex design used by it. You can see various alternative and variant in the Japanese nail design. The glittering accessories are also quite common in this nail art design making much more attractive than your common nail art design.

Japanese nail art design are famous for its creative style and design that cannot be found in the other nail art design. In its country many teenager are using nail art design to boost their popularity in school and social life. Nail art design is a common and popular art in Japan. People who are looking for this unique and stylish nail art can go to shibuya or harajuku for detailed information.

Cool nail art is one right choice to support your look trendy and fashionable. To obtain maximum performance, the nails also need special attention so it will be more confident. To prepare a cool nail art then you also have to prepare a fresh design or idea as well. It is meant for a different nail designs produced with existing ones. To form a cool appearance then you also have to use colors that are bright and fresh as red, blue, gold, and yellow.

Cool design typically also through a very detailed process and requires a long time. You can also ask the experts for more satisfactory results. So the results are not quickly disappearing then you can use a type of acrylic polish. This material will make your nail design is more durable and long lasting. Some cool nail art examples that can inspire you include butterfly design, scenic design, superheroes design, cartoon characters, and flowers.

White nail designs look pure yet cool, the white nail color is also compatible to any other kind of shirt color, so you don’t have to worry about choosing specific outfit colors to match with your premade nail art. You can add many different white nail designs on your fingers, for example is snowflakes. The snowflakes are very beautiful and it’s rather easy to create snowflake design on your nails, all you need to collect is patience because if you are not being patient, you will mess things up.

You can also put many other geometric white nail designs and you can make it totally perfect. All you need is some cut-off papers made in different kind of shapes. Once you create the cut-off paper, you can cover some part of your nail with it, so you won’t color places you will put with different color. Have fun coloring your nails.

Gel nail ideas are one of the ideas of the nail art design that you try to utilize in your nail. This design is quite distinct and different from the other nail art design because it is remotely made and designed from gel material. Yes, it is different from the other nail art design that utilizes water or paint based material. The most distinct thing in this nail art is that it is very versatile and easier to be cleaned by using water. Due to this feature, this nail art is very popular among teenager and busy people who have no time to do some additional nail art design.

Gel nail ideas are quite popular among teenager because it has large array of features. The first feature is the large combination and design it can add. Yes, gel nail ideas can be combined with the other decorative nail art design to make a beautiful and cool nail art design ideas. To make it better, this nail art idea is very distinct and can be recognized easily which makes your figure much more attractive.