Matte Red Nails With Henna Inspired Nail Art

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Matte Red Nails With Henna Inspired Nail Art


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Hey there everyone :)

So I'm loving the 'Matte Look' at the moment and felt inspired by some henna designs I'd seen recently... and came up with this! I am looking for a really lovely matte top coat, so if you know of any please do let me know in the comment section below. I have recently made some fresh henna cones and will be uploading a design on Sunday for anybody who might be interested - if your not then ignore the Sunday upload :)

Hope you enjoyed this simple design, I think it looks effective and hopefully you will feel inspired to recreate or come up with your own design :) - If you do... dont forget to tag me on social media as I would love to see what the outcome is.

Until next time, take care - Bella xXx


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Published 3 months ago

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